A sweet delicacy that enjoys a universal appeal amongst all geographies and age groups is chocolate. Besides the phenomenal taste, chocolates come laden with great health benefits. Dark chocolates with a slight higher cocoa content than usual chocolates are rich in anti-oxidants, and make for delicious healthy gorging options. With the rising health consciousness of people, Indian food artisans are experimenting with unique flavors and ingredients to carve out deliciously healthy chocolates. A brand of artisan-handcrafted chocolates that is fast catching up with the Indian taste palates is Jagger Chocolates.

The uniqueness of these appetizing chocolates lie not just in their taste but more so in the usage of organic jaggery as a substitute for sugar. Jaggery chocolates are the new fad amongst food connoisseurs who like gorging on great food with excellent health benefits. Jagger is a one of its kind chocolate brands of India that is pioneering the jaggery chocolate manufacturing in India. This artisan chocolate brand creates mouthwatering dark chocolates with organic jaggery. These handcrafted chocolates are made under low temperatures to retain the nutritional value of cocoa and use eco- friendly sustainable methods of chocolate manufacturing. Being rich in iron, anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and minerals and low on calories, these chocolates make for perfect binging foods during those chocolate craving times.

Dig your teeth in these delicious artisan jaggery chocolates from the house of India’s famous healthy chocolate makers, Jagger. Welcome a new health food into your diets for that perfect complexion and waistline with these Indian handmade jaggery chocolates. India’s best healthy handcrafted chocolates delivered straight to your homes for that blissful health in every bite experience. Go on a perfect guilt-free chocolate indulgence.


  • Low on calories and richly loaded with anti-oxidants, iron minerals, and flavonoids
  • One of its kind brand of delicious, healthy jaggery chocolates of India
  • Artisan handcrafted dark chocolates made with organic farm jaggery for a balanced healthy diet