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A dark chocolate with a difference, made from organic jaggery without any added sugar, it crisp and crunchy, a must have for kids as well as adults, a perfect blend of dark chocolate and jagger. Loaded with anti-oxidants, iron, minerals and being low on calorie due to the absence of sugar, these healthy dark chocolates taste heavenly. Take a bite of these irresistible crunchy artisan chocolates and fall in love with these cocoa fantasies. India's unique brand of handcrafted chocolates made using organic jaggery with no added sugar will liven up your moods and rejuvenate your senses. A blissful chocolate experience. It contains 25 pieces of magical handcrafted dark chocolate with organic jaggery and no added sugar.

Why buy this?
Artisan handcrafted dark chocolates made with organic farm jaggery for a balanced healthy diet
Low on calories and richly loaded with anti-oxidants, iron minerals, and flavonoids
One of its kind brand of delicious, healthy jaggery chocolates of India

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